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Goat's Milk Shampoo & Skin Cleanser/Conditioner Set ~ Healthy Scalp, Softer Hair, Vitamin Rich, Head to Toe, Dandruff, Alpha hydroxy acids


It intertwines the cleansing properties of nourishing skin cleanser and shampoo with the wonderful restorative benefits of goat's milk.

This listing is for the complete Set ~ Goat's Milk Shampoo & Skin Cleanser and Conditioner ~ You choose preferred weight.

Goat's Milk is extremely mild for sensitive skin and provides immense benefits and is truly a luxury for the skin. Goat's milk contains Vitamins A, B, C, & D, but is particularly high in vitamin A which is required to repair damaged skin tissue. Alpha hydroxy acids contained in goat's milk are responsible for making the skin possess a more youthful appearance and they do this by assisting in the removal of dead skin cells. Creamy goats milk contains triglycerides (fats) that are nourishing to the skin and readily absorbed. This Goat's Milk Shampoo & Skin Cleanser has been enhanced with a variety of organic extracts! It provides a thick, luscious lather you will love.

Five good reasons to start using goat's milk for your skin:

Delays signs of skin aging:
Goat's milk soap delays signs of skin again due to its high content of alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid. Alpha-hydroxy acids break down dead skin cell bonds, removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface and leaving behind new cells on the surface that appear smoother and more youthful.

Not a chemical counterfeit:
Water-based soaps on mainstream supermarket shelves use harsh chemical acids to break down dead skin cells. The lasting effect of chemical acids on the skin is more similar to a chemical "burn." Alpha hydroxyl acids found in goat's milk, work with skin instead of breaking it down and aging it further.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
Goat's milk reduces skin inflammation due to its fat molecule content. The cream present in goat's milk is a moisturizer, soothing dry and damaged skin, possessing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Loaded with essentials:
Goat's milk is packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins like vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E, that feed the skin and are absorbed into the body.


Available without fragrance also, for fragrance sensitive scalps.

Also great for all variety of hair textures. All Natural and Organic Ingredients, Only the best Hydrating Oils for shine and moisture with the added greasy feeling. Pure Essential Oils. No greasy feeling, not drying. Just great cleansing and moisture rich with your favorite fragrance, essential oil or Special Blend for troubled Scalp and Hair.

Available without fragrance also, for fragrance extra sensitive scalps.

Treats acne:Studies now show that goat's milk is effective for treating acne and skin conditions. This is primarily because goat's milk has anti-bacterial properties that delay the growth of microbial organisms that spur the spread of acne.Softens & moisturizes your skinUltra concentrated - good for you and the planet

Goat's Milk Shampoo & Skin Cleanser/Conditioner Set