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Lavender Essential Oil for your Skin and Hair - How it can help....

Lavender- How it helps your skin ~

Choose Lavender for a healthy, renewed skin.


Lavender is great for skincare due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties which help to reduce scarring and speed up healing.


Lavender essential oil is used to treat various skin problems.


Treatment of Acne:

Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can fight the bacteria causing acne infections, thus reducing the swelling and redness.


You can dab some lavender oil on your acne blemishes or skin infections with a cotton swab. This will provide you with a healthy and unblemished complexion.


Treatment of Eczema:Besides soothing acne prone skin, lavender oil is a wonderful remedy for eczema.


t relieves itching and decongests the irritated patches of skin by adding moisture, thus speeding up the healing process.


Regular usage of this oil lessens eczema outbreaks to a significant extent.


Treatment of Wrinkles:

Lavender relieves tension, stress and in inflammation, all of which are responsible for causing skin ageing. It also boosts the circulatory system, thus increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.


This results in lowering the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.


Lavender as a Toner:

Lavender tones and firms your skin as it boosts circulation, thus increasing the blood flow to supply adequate oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This helps in keeping the cells healthy and boosting their renewal process.


Lavender- How it helps your hair ~ 

Lavender essential oil is great for all types of hair, encourages hair growth, and is very helpful for treating dandruff and/or psoriasis of the scalp.


avender essential oil nourishes and moisturizes scalp and improves hair growth by increasing blood circulation. In addition, lavender oil is very helpful in reducing stress.


High stress levels can lead to many common hair and scalp issues, especially hair loss and alopecia arreata (baldness)..

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