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Pure Rose Water is used in many of  our Face, Hair and Skin Products
Here's why...

 Pure Rose Water - How it helps your skin ~

My Pure Rose Water is all natural, organic, made with distilled water and contains no witch hazel or glycerin.

For best results and lengthen the freshness of the Rose Water storing in the refrigerator is recommended.

My Pure Rose Water is culinary food grade for human consumption also....makes a wonderful Rose tea!

Rose Water Skin BenefitsRose water is great for all skin types.

It has gentle anti-bacterial properties to it and can help relieve redness and inflammation in the skin.

This makes it a great product to use for those who suffer with acne or chronic redness. It won't dry out your skin, so it's great for those with dry skin, too. It has been known to help with under-eye circles and softening of early signs of aging.

It also is great to use on skin irritations, such as bug bites or sun burns.One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin and scalp.

Some people also use roses as a rich source of antioxidants, which can help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue.

These properties, proponents believe, make rose water particularly beneficial to people with sensitive skin.

 Pure Rose Water - How it helps your hair ~ 

Rosewater is really a natural moisturizer that can reinstate your hair from too much summer sun, saltwater, blow trying and can repair damage.

Rosewater will even make your hair shinier, softer, and healthier. It’s been found that rose water helps in reducing or lessen dandruff caused by fungal infections.

The porosity from the hair will also stabilize using the application of rose water.

The pH balance of rose water is nearer to that of the hair in the optimal state; hence, it really works to repair the hair’s porosity. This enables the hair to support the proper amount of moisture in, and in addition it smoothens the cuticle.

Rosewater also promotes healthier hair regrowth. Using this Leave in Conditioner & Detangler can help prevent hair loss and improve blood circulation within the scalp.

Proper circulation delivers blood and nutrient supply towards the hair roots, thereby nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles, promoting healthier hair.

Additionally, rose water helps treat inflammation around the scalp as it has therapeutic properties.

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