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Whipped Coffee Bean Body Butter ~ Anti Cellulite, Cocoa Bean Oil, Organic Coffee Bean Powder, Dry Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis


It's fragrant aroma gets many of us out of bed each morning, but thanks to the healing properties of this flowering plant, we can now enjoy coffee's benefits beyond the cup. With a pH equal to that of our skin, coffee acts as a balancing astringent. Additionally, coffee is a free radical scavenger, helping to neutralize oxidation reactions in the skin, which are responsible for conditions like acne and eczema.

Fortified with natural botanical oils, skin softening shea butter and antioxidant rich Roasted Coffee Oil and Organic Coffee Seed Powder.

Made with Organic Coffee Seed Powder, Roasted Coffee Oil, Ground Arabica Coffee Beans

This Whipped Coffee Body Butter is excellent for sensitive skin and makes a great gift for anyone (or to keep for yourself!).

This Body Butter is Creamy cloud-like heavy lotion that is extremely nourishing! 

You have the option of keeping it creamy or adding Freshly ground Organic Coffee Seed Powder for the added benefits.

This blend helps reduce cellulite, improve circulation, tones, firms and hydrates skin. There are no colorant or fragrances. Naturally smells like coffee!!! 

Women have used coffee beans & oil to help alleviate the appearance of cellulite for years. Due to the natural caffeine found in coffee, it plumps up your skin cells & diminishes imperfections in skin. It also helps with scarring & wrinkled skin. 

Coffee plants are native to the tropical regions of South America, Asia and Africa. The plant is a small shrub that typically reaches 3-4 meters in height. The seeds of the coffee plant are commonly referred to as beans. Roasting coffee beans changes the chemical and aromatic composition of the beans.

Roasted Coffee Oil, Coffea arabica, is rich in phytosterols that promote excellent moisture retention, quick penetration and good adherence within cosmetic applications. It is also exceptionally high in its composition of essential fatty acids.

•Highly Moisturizing
•Light to Medium Texture
•Quick Absorption
•Herbaceous Aroma
•High in Essential Fatty Acids
•Rich in Sterols

Roasted Coffee Oil is a highly recommended ingredient in products for:
•Mature, Aging Skin
•Dry, Cracked Skin
•Eczema, Psoriasis and Other Skin Conditions

Whipped Coffee Bean Body Butter

  • Your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs a lot of different toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. Switching to an organic body lotion will help improve the health of your skin because by not applying those heavy toxins and chemicals to your skin daily, you will be preventing absorption of those harmful ingredients into your body. 

    We offer completely natural and organic body lotion products that contain essential vitamins, shea and cocoa butter along with organic sunflower oil to improve the state and quality of your skin.

    Our products are formulated with natural plant based ingredients and naturally soothe and protect skin without all those harmful synthetic and chemical additives, allowing you to maintain a supple and silky softness throughout the years with lush and luxurious lotions and ingredients.

    This Body Butter is excellent for babies or sensitive skin, and scents can be added to make it a custom gift for anyone (or to keep for yourself!).

    The combination of shea butter and nourishing oils makes a highly moisturizing combination, but whipping the mix helps it go on smoothly without being oily.

  • Grapeseed Oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, Shea Butter, Coffea Arabica Seed Oil, Organic Coffee Bean Powder, Coffee Bean Extract

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