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Reduces Arthritis/Joint Issues, Hirsutism/Facial Hair, Cystic Acne, Improves Skin’s Elasticity, Prevents Wrinkles


This listing is for my Tumeric Skin Cream with Organic Tumeric Powder.


Turmeric helps reduce oilinessTurmeric has natural oil-controlling properties overtime! If you’re working with oily skin and clogged pores. Delays the appearance of agingTurmeric contains potent antioxidants known to protect against environmental stressors. With it’s internal benefits being so amazing, it makes sense that topical application of turmeric may also help delay the appearance of aging on the skin.


Fades the Appearance of Dark SpotsNatural sun worshippers can totally resonate with this one, we’re all tired of those dark spots! Turmeric is an ancient beauty ritual for lightening and brightening the skin.


Young Indian maidens are said to use turmeric water to wash with every day for the illuminating effect.Aids In Acne TreatmentThe antibacterial properties of turmeric aid in acne treatment.  It's anti-inflammatory properties treat the inflammation caused by pimples.


Turmeric can be used for oily skin as a face wash or a face pack.


Turmeric powder is a very powerful anti-bacterial agent. When applied directly to the skin, the curumin found in turmeric will assist in fighting cystic acne by breaking down the cysts.


Prevents Wrinkles

According to a Japanese study, turmeric can prevent the formation of wrinkles and melanin. It also prevents the reduction in skin elasticity caused by chronic UVB exposure


Treats Hirsutism - Facial Hair ControlThis is the condition where facial hair gets excessive – and it is a result of hormonal imbalances. In the case of thin hair for women, turmeric powder slows down the growth of facial hair and eventually stops it from re-growing.

Using turmeric for efficient hair removal depends on the type of hair, and thickness. Therefore, it will not affect men’s facial hair that is normally thick.


Improves Skin’s Elasticity

Tumeric helps to keep the skin looking young and fresh. As it contains many antioxidants, it is great for aging skin. It helps stimulate new cell growth and help keep the skin’s elasticity intact.


Lighten Pigmentation

If you have pigmentation and discoloration then using turmeric will surely help. Turmeric is said to lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone. This is the reason why many natural skin care brands use haldi as an active ingredient.


Heals Cracked Feet

The astringent properties of turmeric help heal cracked feet as well. Apply on your cracked heels and areas where your skin has become excessively dry. Not only does this heal the cracked heels faster, but it also helps to make the heels softer.


Great for Sensitive Skin

Turmeric is such a gentle ally that it’s great to use for sensitive skin too. It is soothing to reactive, delicate skin while also being mineral and antioxidant rich and providing nourishment for that sensitive skin that needs a bit of extra love.


Tumeric Essential Oil

Lowers Inflammation

The alpah-curcumene found in turmeric essential oil comes in very high concentrations, and is the main anti-inflammatory substance in this oil. This chemical is derived from curcumin, which is the active ingredient in the turmeric spice that provides so many of its health benefits. This allows turmeric oil to soothe inflammation associated with arthritis, gout, headaches, muscle pain, joint disorders and various chronic diseases throughout the body, including gastrointestinal inflammation.


Aids in Reducing Arthritis and Joint Issues

Traditionally, turmeric has been used in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis since turmeric’s active components are known to block inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. That’s why it’s known as one of the best essential oils for arthritis around.


Turmeric is warming and analgesic for rheumatism and any painful, cold joint condition. Calming for the nervous system, turmeric offers us a warm and calming support for reducing pain and a great anti-inflammatory oil.Studies have shown turmeric’s ability to help reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Detoxifies the Body

One of the active ingredients in turmeric essential oil is Ar-turmerone, which is directly linked to liver health and detoxification. It can also stimulate urination, as a diuretic substance, which further speeds the release of excess toxins, fats and salts from the body.


***Tumeric powder can stain clothing and towels so use caution when applying/washing. Tumeric powder also discolors skin for a short amount of time, depending how much is used and how often. Therefore, it is best applied during evening/night times. Avoid eye area.


Arnica is a natural pain reliever that doesn’t just mask the pain; it actually stimulates your body’s healing processes. Arnica is especially recommended for pain that derives from trauma (such as a fall) or inflammation (such as arthritis). Arnica offers a safe alternative remedy for pain, without the risks associated with over-the-counter NSAIDs or prescription pain medicine.


Arnica offers a natural alternative to conventional pain medicines, which often mask the experience of pain. Arnica addresses the underlying conditions that cause pain (particularly inflammation), stimulating the body to heal itself.By contrast, homeopathic Arnica has no known side effects, except that topical Arnica can occasionally cause a mild allergic reaction. If this happens to you, simply stop using the Arnica product.


One word of caution: it is important to avoid applying Arnica to an open wound or broken skin.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs a lot of different toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. Switching to an organic body lotion will help improve the health of your skin because by not applying those heavy toxins and chemicals to your skin daily, you will be preventing absorption of those harmful ingredients into your body.

We offer completely natural and organic body lotion products that contain essential vitamins, shea and cocoa butter along with organic sunflower oil to improve the state and quality of your skin.

Our products are formulated with natural plant based ingredients and naturally soothe and protect skin without all those harmful synthetic and chemical additives, allowing you to maintain a supple and silky softness throughout the years with lush and luxurious lotions and ingredients.

Tumeric Skin Cream

  • Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Tumeric Powder, Tumeric Essential Oil


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