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Super Clear Face Wash is exactly simple and clear as we can get with just a few ingredients for the most sensitive of skins and and perfect for young teens with acne problems.

New Super Clear formula let's you see what's not in it....some fragrances can cloud the wash.

Gentle on the skin with incredibly natural cleaning abilities. Can also be used as a body wash.

You can select a scent or essential oil if you like, but be cautious as highly sensitive skin can be easily irritated even with good natural ingredients. If a scent is chosen, rest assured it will be a tiny amount added to this face wash to reduce the possibility of an irritant.

Softens & moisturizes your skin
Paraben free for gentle cleansing
Be sure to check out my Gentle Toner & Astringent also...goes great with this wash!

All Natural Ingredients:

Ingredients: water, Glycerin , Vitamin E, aloe vera, mild blend of coconut oil, avocado oil,

Super Clear Face Wash for Teens

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