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Facial Hair, Papaya Enzymes, Cystic Acne, Improves Skin’s Elasticity, Lighten Pigmentation, Chemical Free


This listing is for my Pure Golden Hirsutism Cleanser to assist with a more aggressive approach to help treat unwanted facial hair and get it under better under control.

It happens to many of us women as we age and our hormonal balance is off before, during and after menopause. While we cannot seem to completely eliminate these dark, course hairs, we can treat them with natural products. 

This Cleanser combines Organic Papaya Seed Extract, Organic Papaya Papaya Leaf Extract and Organic Green Papaya Fruit Powder, Turmeric Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oils, Aloe Vera Gel

This is a process that will take a few weeks to get results...there are no overnight cures, unless you want to shave them off or pluck them...then this serum can help prevent them from growing back when used regularly.

Use to effectively cleanse skin with warm water, gently rubbing in a circular motion until all area is covered. Allow to remain on skin for a few minutes, then rinse with cool water. The natural enzymes in this Papaya blend is strong and may irritate sensitive skin that has been recently exfoliated or used just after my Hirsutism Scrub. A slight tingling sensation may occur, but it only for about 15 minutes. I would suggest using the scrub in the morning and this Face Wash at night or vice versa.

Listing is for one 30 ml (1 oz) Airless Bottle, Shiny Matte Gold Dispenser with Gold Actuator, Frosted Body for most hygienic way of accessing product without worrying about contamination or spoilage.

For Best Results use with my other products intentionally crafted to treat Hirsutism.


Pure Golden Hirsutism Cleanser

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  • Papaya is a rich source of natural enzymes that help exfoliate skin and may help break down fine facial hair. 

    Papaya also:
    Brightens Skin Complexion
    Keeps Aging Signs at Bay
    Reduces Acne and Pimples
    Treats Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

    Brightens Skin Complexion
    One of the most effective beauty benefits of papaya is lightening of your skin complexion. It contains natural bleaching properties.

    Keeps Aging Signs at Bay
    The vitamin A in papaya helps remove dead skin cells and keeps the skin soft and supple. The alpha hydroxyl acids in it help dissolve dead skin cells to prevent signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. The vitamins C and E in papaya rejuvenate your skin to help you enjoy younger-looking skin.

    Reduces Acne and Pimples
    The papain enzyme in papaya has skin-cleansing properties that help get rid of clogged pores. This helps prevent acne and pimples. In addition, the exfoliating effect of papaya removes dead skin cells to help unclog pores.

    Treats Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet
    You can also use papaya to diminish the appearance of wrinkles as well as crow’s feet. Papaya has antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the outer corners of the eyes as well as wrinkles around the mouth or forehead.

    Vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids in papayas can also break up dead skin cells to improve skin tone, help with collagen remodeling, and lightening lentigos. Papayas are rich in vitamin C, which works to naturally lighten sun spots and soothe the skin. The vitamin C in papaya leaves can release antioxidants that fight skin aging. This antioxidant is beneficial for issues like acne, wrinkles, and heavy pigmentation.

    In addition, the vitamin C in papaya helps fight off free radicals that damage the skin’s collagen and elastin.

    Papayas Extract and Powder Makes Your Skin Glow
    Papayas contain an abundance of vitamins and enzymes that make them powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C, E, D, A and papain contribute to your skin’s health. Papain, a natural exfoliating enzyme in papaya, helps clear pores, leaving skin glowing and healthy.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of papaya leaf extract can help reduce stubborn inflammation. Papain, which is mostly concentrated in the papaya leaf, is thought to reduce inflammation in the body by breaking down damaged and oxidized proteins. These damaged proteins are associated with several autoimmune disorders that make the body much more vulnerable to disease. 

    Papaya Seed Oil is rich in omega 9 essential fatty acid and antioxidant vitamins A and E. Excellent for mature, dry, oily, acne prone skin and inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Reduces Scarring. Papaya seed oil contains Vitamins A, C and E, all of which are powerful compounds to lighten scars.

    Lightens Skin Tone. Papaya seed oil has skin lightening properties. That’s because of it’s main active enzyme which brightens and lightens skin. It’s also rich in carotene, just like carrot seed oil which good for skin lightening purposes.

    Heals Blemishes. Use papaya seed oil to heal them! We already saw that papaya seed oil lightens skin and reduces scarring. So it’s an expert oil at healing blemishes of any sort. 

    Gives Skin a Healthy Glow. If you have dull and ashy looking skin, use papaya seed oil. It has skin brightening properties that will rejuvenate lifeless skin cells and give you an instant natural glow!

    Softens Hyperpigmentation. Even out your skin using papaya seed oil. 

    Reduces Inflammation. Papaya seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well! You can use it to treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

    Fights Acne. Acne inflammation can be reduced using papaya seed oil. It also has an antibacterial effect that fights off acne causing germs. 

    Papaya is an extremely versatile fruit that has numerous uses for the skin. Both raw and ripe papayas are used for using several skin issues, and ripe papaya is widely used in fruit facial masks. Papaya is also a powerful natural melasma treatment at home that is readily available in the kitchen. The natural active enzyme papain present in papaya works as an exfoliant that removes the damaged and dead skin cells and helps in restoring a smooth and even skin tone.

    Delays Wrinkles. The incredible antioxidant properties of papaya seed oil deeply nourish and renew skin cells, promoting youthfulness. It’s also rich in nutrients like Vitamin C that encourage collagen production. This delays wrinkles and fine lines on the skin!

    Turmeric is recommended for hair removal because it helps soften and dissolve the hair when applied to the area. Applying turmeric, in combination with other natural ingredients, may improve the condition and make the coarse hair less noticeable.

    Turmeric helps reduce oiliness
    Turmeric has natural oil-controlling properties overtime! If you’re working with oily skin and clogged pores.

    Delays the appearance of aging
    Turmeric contains potent antioxidants known to protect against environmental stressors. With it’s internal benefits being so amazing, it makes sense that topical application of turmeric may also help delay the appearance of aging on the skin.

    Fades the Appearance of Dark Spots
    Natural sun worshippers can totally resonate with this one, we’re all tired of those dark spots! Turmeric is an ancient beauty ritual for lightening and brightening the skin. Young Indian maidens are said to use turmeric water to wash with every day for the illuminating effect.

    Aids In Acne Treatment
    The antibacterial properties of turmeric aid in acne treatment. And its anti-inflammatory properties treat the inflammation caused by pimples. Turmeric can be used for oily skin as a face wash or a face pack.

    Treats Hirsutism - Facial Hair Control
    This is the condition where facial hair gets excessive – and it is a result of hormonal imbalances. In the case of thin hair for women, turmeric powder slows down the growth of facial hair and eventually stops it from re-growing.
    Using turmeric for efficient hair removal depends on the type of hair, and thickness. Therefore, it will not affect men’s facial hair that is normally thick.

    Improves Skin’s Elasticity
    Tumeric helps to keep the skin looking young and fresh. As it contains many antioxidants, it is great for aging skin. It helps stimulate new cell growth and help keep the skin’s elasticity intact.

    Lighten Pigmentation
    If you have pigmentation and discoloration then using turmeric will surely help. Turmeric is said to lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone. This is the reason why many natural skin care brands use haldi as an active ingredient.

    Great for Sensitive Skin
    Turmeric is such a gentle ally that it’s great to use for sensitive skin too. It is soothing to reactive, delicate skin while also being mineral and antioxidant rich and providing nourishment for that sensitive skin that needs a bit of extra love.

    Tumeric Essential Oil
    Lowers Inflammation
    The alpah-curcumene found in turmeric essential oil comes in very high concentrations, and is the main anti-inflammatory substance in this oil. This chemical is derived from curcumin, which is the active ingredient in the turmeric spice that provides so many of its health benefits. This allows turmeric oil to soothe inflammation associated with arthritis, gout, headaches, muscle pain, joint disorders and various chronic diseases throughout the body, including gastrointestinal inflammation.

    Turmeric is warming and analgesic for rheumatism and any painful, cold joint condition. Calming for the nervous system, turmeric offers us a warm and calming support for reducing pain and a great anti-inflammatory oil.

    Turmeric, commonly known as the holy powder has potent medicinal properties which make it a popular ingredient in ayurvedic medicine. It is especially effective for curing skin diseases and issues related to skin. It is a time-tested cure for pigmentation on face, also known as melasma. Curcumin, the active ingredient existent in turmeric has strong antioxidant and skin lightening properties, and it also helps in reducing melanin pigmentation. It also flushes out toxins from the skin and helps cure acne and pimples.

    Detoxifies the Body
    One of the active ingredients in turmeric essential oil is Ar-turmerone, which is directly linked to liver health and detoxification. It can also stimulate urination, as a diuretic substance, which further speeds the release of excess toxins, fats and salts from the body.

    Despite its potential benefits for ridding yourself of unwanted hair, turmeric may cause skin irritation in some people. If you notice red bumps, a rash, itching, dry skin, blisters or pain in the area where you used a turmeric mixture on your skin, discontinue use and contact your dermatologist for an alternative form of treatment. This condition is called contact dermatitis and isn't life threatening or dangerous. However, scratching itchy skin may cause it to crack, increasing your risk of a bacterial infection in the area.

    Aloe Vera Gel
    The amazing hydrating properties of aloe vera gel makes it a popular ingredient in many skin care products and it is one of the beneficial natural remedies for melasma. It is also used to treat numerous skin diseases, and it is a potent cure for treating ringworm. Pure aloe vera gel contains mucilaginous polysaccharides that lighten blemishes, dark spots caused by excessive sun exposure and melasma discoloration. The potent antioxidant properties of aloe vera gel protect the skin from the damage caused by oxidative stress. 

    Your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs a lot of different toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. Switching to an organic body lotion will help improve the health of your skin because by not applying those heavy toxins and chemicals to your skin daily, you will be preventing absorption of those harmful ingredients into your body. 

    We offer completely natural and organic body lotion products that contain essential vitamins, shea and cocoa butter along with organic sunflower oil to improve the state and quality of your skin.

    Our products are formulated with natural plant based ingredients and naturally soothe and protect skin without all those harmful synthetic and chemical additives, allowing you to maintain a supple and silky softness throughout the years with lush and luxurious lotions and ingredients.

  • De ionized water - chlorine and all toxic ions are removed, Glycerin, Vitamin E, aloe vera, blend of coconut oil and avocado oil, Surfactant derived from coconut oil salt, witch hazel, Lemon Peel Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Turmeric Powder, Papaya Powder, Turmeric Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Papaya Extract, Papaya Seed Oil

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