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Soothing Sunburn Relief Spray ~ Alcohol free, Aloe Vera Juice, Lavender Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E


This all natural Mother Nature's Skin Repair is not only absolutely wonderful for Sun Ripened Skin ~ It contains a wealth of needed vitamins to help repair and restore damaged skin.

Cool that burn and rebuild your skin! 

Sunburns can be first or second degree burns. Lavender essential oil for sunburns to ease the pain and heal faster. The problem with a sunburn is, it doesn't always show up right away. They can sneak up on you an hour later or even the next day. You may need to seek medical help for real severe sunburns.

Lavender helps the skin to heal, and can help prevent scarring. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that make it well suited for calming down angry red sunburned skin. Apart from the instant cooling effect it provides for sunburns, lavender essential oil also helps in cell regeneration & growth. Lavender essential oil contains adaptogenic compounds that will speed up the healing process of sun damaged skin.

Frankincense essential oil has many benefits for skin including helping diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scars, treating acne, promoting cell regeneration as well as soothing rashes and providing pain relief for sun burned skin. Using frankincense essential oil will help bring sun damaged skin back to its original lustre. Frankincense essential oil is ideally used to help relieve the pain following sunburns. It is also particularly good for dry skin, and if you have dry + sun damaged skin, use frankincense to hydrate skin and provide moisture-rich rejuvenation.

Peppermint essential oil provides a cooling effect when applied topically to skin. It contains a numbing agent: menthol that provides a natural anesthetic to your sunburn that will cool down and numb the burning pain. Peppermint essential oil will give a cooling relief to even the most angry lobster-like sun damaged skin. Another added benefits is its antiseptic properties that will help prevent any infection from sunburn bubbles or blisters associated with sun damage.

Aloe Vera helps hydrate and soothes irritation and removes pore clogging debris from skin’s surface.

It is used as a cooling agent, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, healing and cooling properties it is a very useful natural element to treat our skin. Aloe vera also contains a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B, niacin and traces of Vitamin B12. 

Mother Nature's Skin Repair

  • Acne affects everyone at one point of their lives. Acne is a skin condition where the body produces more sebum (bodily oil) and the pore are clogged. Owing to this the pores get infected and bacteria start to multiply in these pores. Aloe vera's anti-bacterial properties reduce these acne and helps in preventing recurrences. 

    Dryness can again be due to a variety of factors. It can be due to winter or summer, it can occur when you are exposed to wind. It can also occur when there are some other factors involved. Dryness is mainly lack of moisture. Aloe vera is very hydrating and restores the moisture in the skin. 

    Vitamin E is an antioxidant-rich element that battles the effects of free radicals and protects your cell membranes against damage. It helps reduce sun damage and counteract premature aging by preventing wrinkles and improving the texture of your skin. 

    Vitamin C encourages and increases the production of collagen in the skin. It’s also the most common antioxidant naturally found in our skin, and the sun can really zap it. According to Karen E. Burke, MD, “Even minimal UV exposure can decrease the vitamin C levels in the skin by 30%, while exposure from the ozone of city pollution can decrease the level by 55%.”

    UV exposure can cause the presence of free radicals which interfere with collagen production and speed up the aging process. When our collagen breaks down, our skin loses elasticity and this is how wrinkles start forming. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant to protect against this damage. 

    Listing is for one 4 oz spray bottle

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