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100% Talc Free, Corn Starch Free, Body, Botanical, Excessive Sweating, Body Powder, Foot Odors


This special Hyperhidrosis Herbal Dusting Powder is 100% Talc Free, Corn Starch Free is not only a Silky Body Powder that keeps you feeling Fresh and Clean for hours, but also is a nourishing blend of Herbal Powders, Clay and Select Botanical Powders to help fight Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating).


There are two types of hyperhidrosis:

Primary hyperhidrosis (also called focal hyperhidrosis) causes excessive sweating in the hands, underarms, face, and feet without any apparent reason.


Secondary hyperhidrosis (also called generalized hyperhidrosis) causes excessive sweating all over the body or in a larger area of the body and is caused by a medical condition or medication.


Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Blend:

Eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odors.

Prevent and regulate excess sweating.

Help absorb the humidity due to hyperhidrosis.


The following properties make this blend great for controlling the sweating process:

Astringent – this effect helps constricting the pores, making them smaller. That’s how they can control the amount of sweat that comes out through them.

Antibacterial – this property is important to kill bacteria and prevent its growth.

Bacteria are what cause those bad smells.

Calming – this effect is needed to calm itchiness and irritation.


If you suffer from these symptoms, use conventional medication prescribed to you by a qualified doctor first and then think of using essential oils as a side treatment for natural relief.


Using essential oils can help you minimize the use of conventional treatments, which are known to have unnecessary and negative long – term side effects.

Each Blend is Handcrafted and mixed in small batches upon order for the freshest product possible to be shipped to you.

Listing is for one 8 oz PET Plastic Jar (Glass jars coming soon) ~ Comes with White Large Fluffy Velour Puff. These Puffs have a satin finger strap on one side. 3.6 inch/9cm diameter, thickness: 2cm/0.8inch and are Washable.

Fragrance Free Option is the Base Powder with only Arrowroot, Tapioca, Rice and Clay, without any Flowers or Peels ~ unless requested. 

***Fragrance Free also does NOT include my essential oil blend that helps this powder be more effective.

Hyperhidrosis Herbal Dusting Powder

  • What works best for you will depend on your most common symptoms. And, always talk to your doctor before trying these or any other essential oils. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid their use as well.

    While this blend can’t remove your symptoms or condition, the therapeutic benefits are always a helpful addition to any treatment plan and hopefully help can help alleviate the symptoms so you can find some relief.

    Essential oils can help temper symptoms and be added as a more natural solution in your overall management plan.

    Essential oils can incorporate multiple types of solutions while offering a safe complementary therapy to use alongside any doctor-prescribed treatments.

    ***This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

    Sage Essential OilSalvia officinalis is one of the best essential oils for excessive sweating. It has a long tradition being used by women for their specific problems. It can be used to regulate menstruation and to make menopause easier.

    Sage oil has some strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. This helps killing bacteria and preventing bad smells.One of its most impressive properties is that of treating hot flashes. It was noticed that sage can reduce their intensity and frequency. Hot flashes happen because of hormonal imbalances. Hot flashes are accompanied by excess sweating, as the body tries to cool off. They can happen day and night. That’s why Sage can be used for excessive sweating whenever needed.

    Clary Sage Essential OilSalvia sclarea is related to the all-popular sage (salvia officinalis). It is often used in many commercial deodorants. That is because clary sage has good anti-perspiration properties. It can also deal with hormonal problems and act on an emotional level.

    Clary sage contains linalyl acetate, which gives it calming and relaxing properties. This can help preventing excessive sweating due to stress responses.The oil also contains sclareol, which is useful in treating hot flashes. This constituent makes the oil a good antiperspirant.

    Clary sage oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, preventing infections or bacteria growth.

    Palmarosa Essential Oil
    Cymbopogon martinii is the short botanical name of Palmarosa. This essential oil can be considered a natural deodorant in itself. It has a sweet, fresh and floral fragrance.

    Palmarosa essential oil is highly antibacterial. It’s a property useful in killing fungi and bacteria that thrive in humid areas such as the armpits or soles of the feet.The oil can also neutralize bad smells. That prevents them from forming again for many hours after application.

    Arrowroot powder is the primary base for this Dusting/Body Powder and it is used for it's moisture-absorbing properties and Softens skin, making skin silky soft and is detoxifying.

    Witch hazel powder is a popular traditional remedy and a natural astringent which contains tannins, catechins and flavonoids. It can block the sweat ducts and bring relief from excessive sweating all over the body. It can be safely applied to all the areas of the body prone to excessive sweat.

    Witch hazel is considered to be especially effective in treating facial perspiration and is an ingredient in many creams, ointments and lotions.

    DE is optional for you to add to your Blend.  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is composed of a unique combination of 33% silicon, 19% calcium, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium and 2% iron, as well fifteen other trace minerals like boron, manganese, titanium, copper and zirconium.

    Silica is an important trace mineral for human health, and one that many are unaware that they need. 

    DE helps draw out moisture, is also detoxifying, but it also helps to ease sensitive skin.

    ~ Talc free
    ~ Cornstarch free
    ~ Vegan friendly
    ~ Colorant free
    ~ Non-GMO
    ~ Gluten-Free

    NAHA Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist ~ Member of National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy pursuing Professional and Clinical Levels via Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies

    As a fully Licensed Certified Aromatherapist, I handcraft organic skin care products using nature's bountiful gifts as a Natural approach for daily care, emotional assistance and uplifting results.

    I handcraft each and every product manufactured for my business, clients and visitors.

    < Organic and/or Wildcrafted. 
    We only use essential oils that are as natural and pure as essential oils can be. All our distillers and producers meet the requirements of organic certification, although some either cannot afford to go through the process, or this process is not yet available in that particular region of the world. So, even though some of our essential oils are not certified organic, they certainly meet the requirements. We make every effort to state whether an oil is organically wildcrafted, organically grown, or certified organic, for your peace of mind.

    < Responsibly sourced. 
    We only use essential oils from a distributor who personally knows the distillers and producers and have cultivated wonderful relationships with these talented individuals over time. We are confident in their crafting philosophies and know they are dedicated to sustainability and creating a beautiful finished product that is responsibly crafted!

    < GC/MS tested. 
    Each batch of organically crafted essential oil is rigorously GC/MS tested, by a third party chemist. Gas Chromatography (GC) is a method of separating the volatile compounds in essential oils into individual components and produces a linear graph that charts these components. Mass Spectrometry (MS) identifies each of these components and their percentages. This process is used to identify adulteration and assure purity.

    Each of these Blends are a Signature of my own handcrafted recipes and are only available through my shop.

    Essential oils are transdermal (meaning they penetrate the skin) and work on the body’s physiology in a variety of ways. This means that you can affect your body’s biochemistry when applying them topically in a similar way as when taking them internally or inhaling them via diffusion.

  • Organic Arrowroot powder, Organic Tapioca Starch, White Kaolin Clay, Organic Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Select Herbal Powders, Essential Oils

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