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This All Natural Ayurvedic Hibiscus Hair Rinse is ready for you use as a rinse after shampoo. 
This rinse will give red highlights to light or dark hair.  Lightly Scented with either Hibiscus Scent.  Or no Scent at all...Fragrance Free.

Contains Organic Hibiscus Petal Powder, Hibiscus Extract and Hibiscus Oil and Aloe Vera.   Just apply after shampoo, leave on for a few minutes and rinse out....or leave in if you prefer for softer hair. 

This hibiscus hair rinse cleanses without stripping hair of natural oils and gives hair extra softness and shine similar to that of conditioners.

It leaves hair soft and shiny and gently cleans residue from shampoos, gels, sprays etc.  Use once a week.

Hibiscus Petal powder (aka Jaswand/Jaswandi) comes from the crushed flower petals of the Hibiscus plant, Hibiscus sabdariffa. Hibiscus makes an excellent addition to natural hair and skin care! 

Hibiscus is a gentle cleanser (slightly on the acidic side of neutral), and a conditioning herb that helps decrease hair shedding by strengthening and conditioning the roots, increases shine, creates volume, adds a reddish tint to the hair (more prominent on lighter hair), promotes hair growth, and helps with scalp disorders. It is also great as a gentle scalp scrub.

Aloe Vera is known for its ability to provide proper hydration and moisture for hair strands.
Hair loss prevention is one of the best benefits of aloe vera for hair and also acts as an astringent that will remove excess of oil.

Other great benefits of aloe vera juice for hair are removing dandruff and treating seborrhea. 

Natural pH level of hair and scalp is 4 – 4.5, while aloe vera’s pH level is 4.5 – 5.5. Therefore, it helps restore hair and scalp to its natural condition without using additional chemical substances. A proper pH level will help the hair to maintain its ability to retain moisture.

Hibiscus Petal Hair Rinse

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