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Henna Conditioning Oil ~ Chemical Free, Natural Highlights, Healthy Hair, Indigo


Henna not only provides highlights to hair and Covers Gray but has fantastic properties as well! If you want to add a touch of sheen and highlights to your hair...try our Henna Conditioning Oil.


Fortified with conditioning moisturizers derived that enhance hair's shine and give that silky feel.


The combination of natural and organic ingredients, with our special oil blend, helps repair, revitalize, and protect.


All organic oils and Pure Essential Oils. 100% Natural Organically Cultivated Henna and Indigo PowderFree from PPD, Chemicals, Artificial additives and parabens.


Excellent Natural Alternative to chemical Hair Dyes, Natural hair care and nourishment.


A Product directly from Sojat, Rajasthan - India. (The only place in India where the premium quality Henna grows).


Infused with a special blend of essential oils and Henna Powders.


I have an option for you to chose 100% Henna, 100% Indigo (Black) for darker highlights or a blend of both.


Gently covers Gray hair also.Your hair will be more conditioned and soft, less frizz, more manageable and a very healthy shine.


Henna also helps fight oily hair, you will find that you don’t need to wash your hair for a good while after hennaing.

Additionally, henna helps remove dandruff and cure itchy scalp. Henna has an anti-oxidizing property that can soothe the scalp and repair your damaged hair too.


If you have never used Henna (mehendi) before, do a patch test to check for any allergic reactions.


Say good-bye to unmanageable hair!


Say hello to our lightweight, oil-free moisturizing spray with superb conditioning, detangling and shine properties!


A salon quality product that can be used on wet or dry hair to help make combing and brushing easy and stress-free.


Our Henna Conditioning Oil formula gently penetrates the hair shaft with ease.


Fragrance Free or add your favorite Essential Oil to give your hair an added boost!

●Gently covers Gray

● Adds body and help strengthen and smooth hair cuticles.

● Acts much like a lubricating emulsifier. It binds to hair follicles and attracts moisture, as well as smooths hair surfaces and lubricates the hair shaft.

● Moisturizing and conditioning protein derived from whole wheat. It attracts and retains moisture, builds body, and improves manageability while adding luster and smoothness.


Directions for use: Apply to damp or dry hair and scalp. Leave at least 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The longer you have the Oil on, the more highlights and coverage you will get.  A small amount of this Oil Blend can also be used to dry hair for extra smoothness from frizz and deep conditioning.


The henna color can continue to darken for 2 to 3 days. 

Henna color usually fades naturally within about 4 months.


Listing is for one Glass Boston Round .5oz Bottle

Henna Conditioning Oil ~ Chemical Free, Natural Highlights, Healthy Hair, Indigo

  • This Henna Conditioning Oil with Essential Oils is a premium blend of Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Olive Oil, Castor Oil ~ Unless you choose a specific Oil for your hair type.

    Warming the oil and towel will allow the hair follicle to open up so that the oils can soak in all the wonderful qualities of these magnificent oils for added richness to your hair.  

    Sweet Almond oil is an excellent emollient and is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin and scalp. It is rich in proteins, and is considered extremely nourishing - particularly when used regularly. Helps to sooth dry skin and irritated areas.  It helps condition, nourish, and soften hair while stimulating hair growth!

    Golden Jojoba Oil contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy and hair: vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. And it’s even gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions.
    It leaves your hair soft and light, without weighing it down. 

    Replenish moisture and improve the texture of your hair with jojoba. The oil is great for dry scalps and will help get rid of dandruff. Use it to add shine and naturally soften your hair, or in place of an anti-frizz product to manage unruly hair.

    Hemp Seed Oil
    Hair, skin, and nails are all formed from the same line of dermal cells, so it is no surprise that people who use hemp oil report thicker and shinier hair, softer skin, and stronger nails. Since hemp seed oil is nearly identical to our own lipids, it is capable of penetrating our cells and lubricating the surfaces between them. It is used to nourish not only dry skin but blotches and lesions as well. It can detoxify the skin and even out skin tone. You can safely use hemp oil as a skin moisturizer without worry of it clogging the pores.

    The MCT acids from the Fractionated Coconut Oil make the oil light and non-sticky that is easily absorbed into the skin; making it ideal for facial skin. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple without the greasy effect. It is also better than petroleum-based products that can clog pores and cause irritation.
    It stimulates hair growth, softens the hair and conditions the scalp. It also can also help eliminate dandruff!

    Olive Oil: Olive oil is high in the antioxidants Vitamins A and E providing anti-aging properties and it has disinfectant properties, is moisturizing, soothing and healing. 

    Castor Oil: Adds strength to your hair, so those of you with thin hair that breaks easily, think about using castor oil in your hot oil hair pack.

  • Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), 
    Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Henna Powder, Organic Indigo Powder

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