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Gentle Rose Water Toner & Astringent, Pure Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Pure Witch Hazel, Rose Absolute, No Additives, Rose Absolute, Gentle Toner, Astringent, acne, teens, oily skin treatment, Plastic PET BPA Free


This all natural Toner & Astringent is perfect for teens and oily skin types. 

A combination of Pure Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Pure Witch Hazel 


Rose Water Skin Benefits

Rose water is great for all skin types. It has gentle anti-bacterial properties to it and can help relieve redness and inflammation in the skin. This makes it a great product to use for those who suffer with acne or chronic redness. It won't dry out your skin, so it's great for those with dry skin, too. It has been known to help with under-eye circles and softening of early signs of aging. It also is great to use on skin irritations, such as bug bites or sun burns.

One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin and scalp. Some people also use roses as a rich source of antioxidants, which can help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. These properties, proponents believe, make rose water particularly beneficial to people with sensitive skin.

Additionally, and perhaps most obviously, rose water has a pleasant aroma. This lovely perfume and its healing, rejuvenating effects make rose water a potentially valuable addition to your skin care regimen -- whether used on its own or as a toner.

How to Use:
Use as a toner with a cotton ball directly onto your skin after washing, but before any moisturizing.


Our plastic bottles and jars are BPA free and are made of PET plastic.

Gentle Rose Water Toner & Astringent