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Healthy and Strong Fingernails regularly need pampering and treatment in order to keep them healthy, strong and beautiful. Otherwise, they will lose their nourishment and will be too vulnerable to even the slightest breakage and damage. The good thing here is a natural nail treatment is available for use anytime needed. If you want natural caring for nails this wonderful blend may be an effective solution.

This Powerhouse of only the BEST Oils Blended for your Nails and Cuticles!

Myrrh essential oil is said to be the best essential oil for nail growth – it has wonderful moisturizing properties that protect the cuticles from dryness and the nails from brittleness, thinning and easy breakage.


Lavender essential oil has been shown to strengthen the nails and the cuticles, as well as keeping them moisturized. Its antibacterial properties fight off germs that can infect the cuticle. If you’re prone to dry skin on and around your cuticles, use lavender essential oil as it is moisturizing and helps hydrate skin.


Lemon essential oil helps brighten weak and dull looking nails and makes them look whiter. The high vitamin C content nourishes the cuticle and strengthens nails.


Frankincense is another one of the best essential oils for nail growth. It also protects the cuticle from infection and peeling because of its moisturizing properties and fights off nail fungus that is known to slow down nail growth.


Geranium essential oil is one of my best essential oils for beauty. It smells absolutely gorgeous too!It restores moisturize to dry cuticles and skin around the nails. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that protect the cuticles and nails from infections and fungus, which inhibit nail growth.


Chamomile helps in treating flaky and bent nails. The chamomile oil is great for treating ingrown nails as well as cuts. Also, the oil reduces the yellow pigmentation caused due to chemical exposure or excessive use of nail polish remover.


Tea tree essential oil, you can moisturize your nails, prevent them from splitting, and stray away all types of bacterial and fungal infections.


A few others I have listed as options do very similar and/or are just a preference as an option for selection.

This Nail Repair Strengthener is loaded with all these oils and whipped to create the best moisturizer for nails and cuticles ever.

Essential Nail Repair & Strengthener

  • Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, vitamin E, Essential Oils, Avocado Oil, Jojoba OIl, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Biotin, omega 3and omega 6 fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, phytonutrients, 20 amino acids

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