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My After Sun Skin Repair Oil is not only absolutely wonderful for Sun Ripened Skin ~ It contains a wealth of needed vitamins to help repair and restore damaged skin....especially for face. 

Cool that burn and rebuild your skin! 

This blend is great for use after the skin has begun healing, especially for second-degree or well healed third-degree burns to help reduce scarring.

There are three-fold solutions to sun-damaged skin: treating the skin inflammations, moisturizing the dry skin, and fading sun or dark spots.

Using this blend for sun-damaged skin can take care of all these problems and regenerate your skin.

The potent anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, analgesic and soothing properties in these herbal oils can efficiently heal your sun-damaged skin.

This Signature Blend is a Must for your Sun Burned Face and helps to Repair the Damaged Skin.
Calm the pain, irritations, itchiness, and redness of the inflamed skin.
Reduce the swellings and blisters.
Renew the skin to lower discolorations.
Have anti-tumor and anti-cancer activities.
Create a natural defensive shield against UV rays.
Prevent the DNA degradation inside the skin cells.
Boost the regeneration of healthy skin.
Moisturize the skin and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Apply to areas of potential scarring twice daily to help regenerate tissues.

After Sun Skin Repair Oil