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ProVitamin Rice Skin Cleanser & Shampoo - Improves Elasticity, Collagen, Purifying, Volume, Healthy Shine,  Luminous Hair


Our ProVitamin Rice Skin Cleanser & Shampoo is perfect for Silky Smooth Skin and Fantastic for Hair!

This Cleanser works wonderfully on your skin. It exfoliates, purifies and re-mineralize your skin.
Infused with natural ingredients this body scrub leaves your skin satin-smooth and soft.

It deeply polish away flaky and dead skin cells leaving your skin clean and refreshed. The nourishing ingredients hydrates, replenish skin moisture and retains natural sheen.

Rice has natural anti ageing and oil-absorbing properties, makes them good for oily or acne-prone and dull mature skin.It’s also a good anti-inflammatory and skin whitening agent that soothes sunburned skin and makes skin smooth and fairer naturally.

Nutritional and mineral-rich rice has been known as one of the traditional skin lightening remedies. Amino acid and vitamins present in the grain act as a clearing agent and control the shine of the skin.

Rice is a very rich source of PABA, para aminobenzoic acid that is a great sunscreen. When taken internally, this PABA increases the vitamin C level in the body.

Rice also has a high concentration of allantoin and ferulic acid, which too protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Ferulic acid: Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that has great sun protection abilities. When mixed with vitamin C and E, its effects are further doubled.

Allantoin: Allantoin is a great anti-inflammatory agent that promotes deep skin repair and negates the impact of sun tans.

The tyrosinase present in rice powder prevents the excessive production of melanin in the skin.
It contains vitamin B that promotes new cell production and delays the process of skin aging.

Rice absorbs all the sebum and leaves your skin clean, smooth and re-energised and offers skin brightening by improving the skin elasticity and collagen levels.

Used for: High Cleansing, Troubled skin,acne, teenage troubled skin

The amino acids and minerals present in rice are beneficial for damaged hair while the Collagen Improves Elasticity, intensely nourish and moisturize the hair.

Rice has deep cleansing properties that helps to remove oil and dirt from the scalp and roots effectively, leaving them refreshed and healthy. 

The presence of ferulic acid and esters in rice bran oil help in stimulating hair growth. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which provide many benefits for hair. Omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids provide nourishment to your hair and also prevent premature graying of hair. 

Citric acid does magic for hair growth
Citric acid or lemon which is one of the most used fruits of the citrus family when it comes to foods, but did you know lemon juice makes also a remarkable hair care ingredient that helps hair grow? It contains high levels of Vitamin, Folic Acid and Vitamin B, as well as minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Citric acid not only helps in the stimulation of hair growth but also helps making the hair follicles healthy.

Citric acid improves the scalp condition by getting rid of the dandruff and it increases the flow of blood, which in turn enhances and mends the follicles of the hair necessary for a healthy hair growth. This ingredient absorbs the excess of sebum and will not adversely affect the sebaceous glands unlike chemical remedies.

At the same time, citric acid is a great compound to treat itchy scalp, which leads often to hair loss and stops the hair growth. Acid citric helps soothe the itchy scalp. With all these amazing benefits for hair growth, it is worth considering its use for damaged hair.

~~~ Gentle enough to be used daily ~~~ Avoid eye area


To Use:
Rinse hair with warm water first to remove oils for a better lather. Then Apply shampoo directly to the scalp and wet hair. Massage gently and scrub the scalp. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat if desired. Follow with desired Conditioner.

Vegan,  No Alcohol, No Mineral Oil

ProVitamin Rice Skin Cleanser & Shampoo - Improves Elasticity, Collagen, Purifyi

  • De ionized water - chlorine and all toxic ions are removed, Glycerin, T-50 Vitamin E, aloe vera gel, blend of coconut oil and avocado oil, witch hazel, Organic Rice Powders, Rice Bran Oil, Essential Oils 

  • You choose your therapeutic pure essential oils to customize this cleaner/shampoo specifically to your needs>

    ~Frankincense helps support skin cells and is great for mature skin 
    ~Lavender is a phenomenal oil that can do so much for skin.   Great for soothing and calming all skin types 
    ~Chamomile is soothing to the skin and help restore your cells at a cellular level
    ~Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is awesome for helping to control acne and oily skin
    ~Lemon is a skin brightener

    ~Frankincense for hair: 
    Frankincense  Cures Dandruff and provides relief from dandruff if used regularly.  Frankincense oil is known to make the hair roots stronger, putting a stop to hair loss, shiny hair and giving way to healthier hair.

    ~Lavender for hair:  
    Lavender is mild and soothing, and can be used for any type of hair. It can improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss.
    Lavender moisturizes the scalp and balances sebum production. It is ideal for people who have a mixed type of scalp, for example, oily near the forehead and at the back of the head, but dry at other parts. Its powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial action makes it excellent for controlling dandruff and scalp acne complicated by fungal or bacterial infections. It can help heal minor injuries on the scalp caused by scratching, especially in children.

    ~Chamomile for hair:  
    Chamomile is soothing and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve itchy and scaly scalp, be it from dermatitis, psoriasis or dandruff.
    Chamomile oil conditions the hair and protects it from the damage inflicted by environmental pollutants. When used as a conditioning rinse, it lightens the hair color and renders a golden sheen to it.

    ~Melaleuca (Tea Tree) for hair: 
    Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is the number one remedy for dandruff. It moisturizes the scalp and relieves dryness and itching.  Tea tree oil works deep into the hair follicles, unclogging them and helping with normal flow of the skin oils. It is also known for its antimicrobial action, which helps resolve fungal infections as well as scalp acne complicated by secondary bacterial growths.

    ~Lemon for hair:
    Lemon is a drying and clarifying oil ideal for an oily scalp. If you have dandruff or scalp acne along with oily hair, lemon oil can help. It is antiseptic and antimicrobial, helping to resolve secondary infections that often complicate acne and dandruff.

    ***Fragrance Free available also.

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