My Next Mood box! ~ What's Your Next Mood? Subscription, You Pick Your Next Mood Box! No Mystery, Mood Swings, Best Seller!


The answer to your shopping for the Special women in your life! Whether it's Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt.......a splurge for yourself! Look no further. Just select which best suits you (or Her) and let me do the rest! 

My Next Mood box is a unique Idea Exclusively by Pampered Skin Care, LLC!

Let's face it ~ no one box fits all or even many of us ~ So why subscribe to one that sends you stuff you use one of six and toss the rest? And, I might add ~ you don't get to choose, but are sent random stuff they have...that they send to everyone...

Well ~ For a Fresh New Idea ~ My Next Mood box is as unique as You (or She) 

~ and as a women...our Moods almost change with the wind ~ So, the first box is an Introductory box of a little of everything..covers most of Moods (feel free to convo me for specific ones you want included ~ uhmmm, Bitchy, Oooh LaLa, Imma~mess maybe???)

You get to choose your Next Mood Box (or Her Next Mood Box) and Each and Every one after that....or leave it at random. Totally your choice.

Each of these can be a one time purchase only, or by monthly subscriptions. Free Shipping! for subscriptions. And if you don't mind my saying.....I personally don't want to budget a longer period of 3-6 months ahead on what I might or might not want at the time...and certainly don't want to pay for it all at once.  Subscriptions will ship out within 3 days of date purchased of each month.

So, I am offering an option...sort of an installment plan. Purchase a subscription from me for the 3 or 6 months and after that, if you would like to continue I'll set up a monthly billing so you only pay for Your Next Mood Box when it is due...and you will be notified about a week before you're billed and your Next Mood Box ships.

If you would like to jump straight to this plan for the 3 month, 6 month or 9 month.....just convo me and we can work it out.

After you receive your Introductory Mood Box, you get select which Next Mood Box you want....You can even select upfront which ones you want in what order....and I'll take care of the rest!

Items included in each Mood Box is based on the 'Mood' and varies from bath salts, bath teas, drinking teas, to something specific to the 'Mood'. For instance, the Bitchy set will not include Shampoo or hair products (but Bad hair day definitely will!).

My Next Mood box!

My First Mood Box!
  • Below are My Next Mood Box Categories:

    ~ Fearless ~ Products focusing on empowering, courage, confident blends
    ~ Pampered ~ Products focusing on Rose products (you can substitute your favorite if you like)
    ~ Bitchy ~ Products focusing on PMS/Hormonal Issues 
    ~ I'm Not That Old! ~ Products focusing on Menopausal Issues 
    ~ Migraine ~ Products focusing on easing Migraines
    ~ Revive & Recharge ~ Products focusing on feeling fresh and energetic
    ~ Oooh Lala ~ Products focusing on Sexy, Romantic feelings
    ~ Calm me down ~ Products focusing on reducing Stress and Anxiety
    ~ Overworked muscles ~ Products focusing on reducing sore muscles
    ~ Cold & Flu Fix ~ Products focusing on Cold & Flu comfort and recovery 
    ~ Sleepless at home ~ Products focusing on helping you sleep
    ~ Rise & Shine ~ Products focusing on Stimulating, Energizing, Get your Mojo Going! 
    ~ Cuppa Joe ~ Products focusing on my coffee products
    ~ Meditation ~ Products focusing on Tranquility, Peacefulness
    ~ Out of Focus ~ Products focusing on Clearer thinking, Calmness, and Contentment
    ~ Indulge me ~ Products focusing on my chocolate products
    ~ Mix it up ~ Products similar to the Introductory Box ~ a mix of items
    ~ I Feel Pretty ~ Products focusing on cleanser, masks & creams, gels, lip cream
    ~ Bad hair day ~ Products focusing on hair treatment, shampoo, conditioners
    ~ Wrecked nails ~ Products focusing on mani/pedi bundle
    ~ Imma~mess ~ Products focusing on eye, face, nails, acne, lip oil

    Other items that will be included in My Next Mood Boxes are:

    My Products and Signature Blends of Aromatherapy varying in lotion, body butter, mini glass roller, bath and/or shower items, salt or sugar scrubs, clay masks, face cleansers, tea light candles, herbal drinking tea (organic & my own personal blends), my Herbal Eye Pillow or Wrap.


    And a new item that I'm just listing... 'Serious Play Dough' ~ based on blends of each of the above as applicable ~ a fun little stress or thinking ball of dough to pull out when you're stressed or thinking heavily. Smells delightful, pretty colored and has glitter!

    Each subscription is in a bight Pink box!

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