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100% Pure & Natural. Hibiscus Oil is rich in vitamin E and very high in essential fatty acids making Hibiscus Oil a premium anti-aging oil. Hibiscus Oil soaks into the skin without leaving a greasy feel. Hibiscus Oil is the perfect anti-aging oil as well as a medium weight protective oil good for all skin types.


Treat yourself of someone you know to this special Beauty Clay and unleash the intoxicating aroma and fill your senses with the uplifting and stimulating smell while letting the oils work their magic for your skin.


Aromatherapy is based on the principle that natural fragrances, or essential oils, from certain plants or flowers can affect our moods, and consequently how we think or feel at any given time.


The natural oils found in Hibiscus help retain moisture in the skin. This results in your skin feeling smooth and soft.


When used aromatically, Hibiscus calms and soothes the mind. In fact, Hibiscus petals are a staple in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify and calm. While this characteristic doesn’t directly add beauty benefits, it sure makes this Hibiscus oil an extra pleasant experience.

Such a Delightfully Intoxicating Aromatic Scent!


Boosts Energy. As the antioxidants in hibiscus help to repair free radical damage, your energy levels naturally go up.

Hibiscus Rose Kaolin Clay Face Mask ~ Rose Hip Seed oil, Collagen, All Skin Type

  • Kaolin Clay is extremely mild clay. It is an amazing choice for most every skin type, including extra sensitive and dry. In bath and beauty products, it adds silkiness, slickness and very gently cleanses and exfoliates. 

    KAOLIN CLAY, also know as China White or White Clay, is the mildest of all facial clays. It helps stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin. It is a pure, fine clay used sometimes alone as a face powder for fair skin. As a masque it is safe for all skin types, even dry.

    Rose Kaolin is a naturally pink, extremely mild clay. It is an amazing choice for most every skin type, including extra sensitive and dry. In bath and beauty products, it adds silkiness, slickness, a stunning natural rose color and very gently cleanses and exfoliates. 

    Rose - Pink kaolin clay - For all skin types, even sensitive or dry 
    Rose Clay is a gentle clay, made naturally rosey by the iron oxide content. It is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive or dry. It is cleansing and exfoliating as well as stimulating to the circulation. It is an excellent choice for overall skin health.

    Rose Kaolin Benefits:

    Draws out toxins and impurities from the skin
    Helps with moisture retention crating a product that is soothing, sensitive and leaves skin soft and naturally moisturized
    Natural deep cleanser and blemish preventer
    Absorbs excess oil
    Regular use gently removes dead skin cells, improves circulation and creates a smooth, healthy glow
    Tones and tightens the skin making the skin feel firmer and more supple.

    Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, softens and hydrates it. The oil also helps to promote the production of elastin and collagen, which help to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

    The main benefit of rice bran oil to the skin is its wonderful deep-moisturizing capability. This is due to its combination of vitamin E and fatty acids, which go deep into skin to hydrate.

    With all its natural components, rice bran oil is considered an anti-aging secret in Japan. It’s actually a high compliment to tell a Japanese woman that she is a “rice bran beauty.” The natural vitamin E plus vitamin B help firm and tighten your look, maintaining hydration, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Rice bran oil also contains “squalane” which is known to help your skin look younger and fresher.
    The benefits don’t stop there! Rice bran oil has a slight ability to brighten the look of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth skin tone. Antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene protect from environmental stressors, and enzymes like CoQ10 provide active components that help it maintain its youthful glow.

    After dead skin has been exfoliated naturally with Rose Kaolin Clay Mask, your body’s largest organ works more efficiently to expel toxins and take in nourishment. Skin becomes more uniform in appearance, is softer to touch, and has a radiant glow. Sugar scrubs are also gentler, less dehydrating than salt scrubs and be used by all skin types.

    Calms Hot Flashes Women who are going through the tough hormonal period of menopause might use the health benefits of hibiscus. Hibiscus can help soothe hot flashes.

    Slows Aging. The antioxidants in hibiscus not only help to fight cancer but also also slow down the aging of your cells. As a result, it may be the secret to eternal youth.

    Cures Acne. Hibiscus has many natural anti-inflammatory substances and also Vitamin C that can stop the growth of acne and even clear the marks left by it.

    Boost Immunity. One of the main health benefits of hibiscus flower is that it helps to boost the level of immunity in your body.

    Maintains Fluid Balance. According to ancient Ayurvedic science, having hibiscus flower extracts can help to maintain the fluid balance in your body. It was once used as a cure for oedema or excess water retention in the body.

    Hibiscus is especially suited to the female reproductive system, supporting regular cycle and balanced hormones when used in direct palm inhalation or a compress to the lower abdomen. In men, it is also used to support healthy reproductive strength and balance.

    Emotionally and spiritually, Hibiscus has a long history of gracefully lifting the mood, and it is believed to help reduce anger and an agitated mind. It is widely employed to calm and settle the mind and emotions, nourish the heart, and enliven the spirit. It is helpful for those worn down by life’s difficulties, grieving a loss or those wishing to nourish and enhance self esteem. 

    A nurturing and supportive Blend, it is used to promote deep, restful sleep, and to engender feelings of well-being and happiness. Hibiscus is often symbolic of love, passion, devotion, and spirituality.

    Hibiscus is a true botanical skin ally. Our high-quality Hibiscus products are well known for enhancing skin health and beauty. This aromatic water of organic Hibiscus rejuvenates, hydrates, softens, calms redness and feelings of irritation, and if used over time, reduces the effects of time (as seen in facial lines and wrinkles). Use often and liberally to nourish and restore.

    Hibiscus Flowers are used in my skincare products to provide the skin with even tone and texture; it cleanses, soothes, protects against acne, and softens the skin. 

    Hibiscus flowers are high in antioxidants and amino acids, and also contain oligopeptides that have been shown to have wrinkle-smoothing properties.

    I've added Hibiscus Petal Powder to this Face Mask to offer the best possible results for your skin!

  • Rose Hip Seed Oil, Rose Kaolin Clay, Hibiscus Powder, Hibiscus Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Rice Bran Extract, Deionized Water, Glycerin

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