All Natural - No Alcohol - Same Essential Oils as ON GUARD ~ Mist Spray Top


This all natural hand sanitizer is absolutely wonderful! It contains no alcohol which can not only dry hands, but sometimes irritate children's skin (or adult's skin as well).

Same Essential Oils as ON GUARD...already put into spray bottle with aloe vera for you!

Modeled on the mythical “Thieves” blend of essential oils, this hand sanitizer includes oils with proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and adds aloe vera gel for smoothness. 




The bottles have the same ingredients, so any colors you see are just different colored bottles.
You can specify a specific color if you wish.

The primary oils are Cinnamon, Cloves and Eucalyptus. If you prefer any of these over the other, I can add an extra drop or two of your preference.

Please note, because we try to deliver the purest product possible, therefore we don't use chemical emulsifiers to dissolve our essential oils in water base of our toner. So, that's why you will see tiny drops of essential oils floating on top. To blend the oils back into toner base all you have to do is give it a good shake before each use. They will naturally evenly disperse.


According to WebMD, With winter cold and flu season in full swing -- and a new strain of norovirus and now coronavirus circulating -- everyone's trying to dodge the bugs. Norovirus causes intestinal illness, and it's often the root of outbreaks at schools, day care and in nursing homes.


The question is: How best to avoid infection? Thorough hand washing is typically recommended. But use of hand sanitizers is promoted, too.


However, a recent study found that staff in long-term care facilities who relied too much on hand sanitizers over hand washing actually reported more outbreaks of norovirus-related illness.


It's time to rely on Natural Antibiotic Essential Oils to keep your family germ free and keep viruses and illness at bay.




Hand Sanitizer Spray ~ On Guard ~ Free 2 Day Shipping!

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