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This conditioner is great for sensitive scalps. Contains no chemicals or alcohols. Also great for all variety of hair textures. All organic oils and Pure Essential Oils. No greasy feeling, not drying.

Available without fragrance also, for fragrance sensitive scalps. 4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, Pure Essential Oils and the following Extracts:

Matricaria Chamomilla helps protect hair from the harsh, external environment. It cures oily scalp, in turn, preventing dandruff. It revitalizes the hair, strengthens the roots, and can help those affected by insomnia, sleep peacefully.

Nettle has been used since ancient times as a hair tonic, growth stimulant, and to restore natural hair color and luster.
Available without fragrance also, for fragrance sensitive scalps.

All Natural Hair & Scalp Conditioner

  • Birch sap and Birch leaf to control dandruff, strengthen hair roots, stimulate the scalp to encourage stronger healthier hair.

    Arnica to rejuvenate the scalp and also to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn will strengthen the hair and keep it from falling out prematurely. Arnica extract may also help to prevent premature graying of the hair.

    Cinchona is a natural invigorating molecule that strengthens hair keratin and improves hair growth. Cinchona has proven strengthening and toning properties to restore thickness and vigor to thinning, lifeless hair.

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