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Activated Charcoal Skin Wash ~ Deep Clean Moisturizing, Acne Prone Sensitive Skin, Paraben and Sulfate Free, Concentrated


Our Activated Charcoal Skin Wash is more than a treat for the skin with the addition of aloe vera gel, witch hazel & flower I've added Activated Charcoal to the blend for intense deep cleaning.


Activated charcoal has an extraordinarily high absorption. It works like a sponge to absorb dirt, oil and toxins from deep within your skin brings them to the skin's surface, allowing them to easily be washed away.


Benefits of Activated charcoal :
~ Draws impurities 
~ Removes toxins out of the skin
~ Helps with skin problems and acne


Used for: High Cleansing, Troubled skin,acne, teenage troubled skin


~~~ Gentle enough to be used daily ~~~ Avoid eye area


 Softens & moisturizes your skin
 Ultra concentrated - good for you and the planet
 Paraben free for gentle cleansing

You choose your therapeutic pure essential oils to customize this wash specifically to your needs.

~Frankincense helps support skin cells and is great for mature skin 
~Lavender is a phenomenal oil that can do so much for skin.   Great for soothing and calming all skin types 
~Chamomile is soothing to the skin and help restore your cells at a cellular level
~Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is awesome for helping to control acne and oily skin
~Lemon is a skin brightener


pH: 5.5, Vegan,  No Alcohol, No Mineral Oil


***Fragrance Free available also.


For best results, use with our Charcoal Clay Mask and Charcoal Toner.  

You can find these here:


Activated Charcoal Skin Wash ~ Deep Clean Moisturizing

  • All Natural Ingredients:
    De ionized water - chlorine and all toxic ions are removed, T-50 Vitamin E Oil (Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants which extend the life of products. Gamma tocopherol, a component of Vitamin E, is a great antioxidant for protecting formulations) Glycerin, Vitamin E, aloe vera gel, blend of coconut oil and avocado oil, Surfactant derived from coconut oil salt, witch hazel, Activated Charcoal Powder, Essential Oils for Antiseptic purposes, Saponified Coconut Oil

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